Trip Planner (TfNSW)

Transport for NSW engaged The Working Party to deliver the UX and front-end build components to a $20 million dollar rebuild of their two flagship offerings: the Trip Planner and My function entailed distilling initial findings and user stories, developing wireframes to socialise among stakeholders, followed by developing and testing a semi-functional UI prototype using an iterative process involving spaced out user testing sessions (one-on-one contextual enquiry interviews, lasting one hour each) with 30 customers over 5 days. At the end of every session, the TWP team would identify common themes, articulate issues and features as tasks in the product backlog, and identify further issues to test in subsequent testing sessions.
The outcome of the above approach, is a product that is largely informed by common challenges and patterns of behaviour, far more likely to achieve product / market fit and resonate with our users. Without the above, too many untested assumptions would likely result in poor uptake of the product.
Agency: The Working Party, Role: Senior UX Consultant, Tasks: UX, UI design, Prototyping, User Testing, Front-end Development